Benefits of Having a LinkedIn Profile Photo

LinkedIn is professional networking platform aims at creating a link between employees and job seeker. One of having created a LinkedIn account you are required to add your professional details so that you can be able to secure a relevant job.  Another important but no mandatory requirement has a profile picture. Unlike other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, your LinkedIn profile picture should be professional. It should have the ability to influence the decision of the potential employers who visit your profile positively. A professional profile photo will also give you an advantage over your competitors as it carries a message. Some people usually hate the idea of uploading their photon on the internet and also extends it to LinkedIn not knowing its importance. Therefore, in this article I will discuss some of the reasons why you should have a profile picture on your LinkedIn profile.

One of the reasons why you should have a LinkedIn profile photo is that it acts as a proof of credibility.  Several fake accounts exist that are used to get information from employers.  Most fake accounts usually lack profile pictures.  The idea has made potential employers refrain from making connections with individuals who lack profile photos.  Therefore, to ensure that the employers consider viewing your profile you should have a good photo.

The high number of LinkedIn users makes it possible to find someone that you are sharing names.  You might have met an employer who is interested in giving you a job, and he/she can only recognize you using your name or photo.  Hence, a profile photo is an important tool for creating a difference among individuals who share names. Therefore, to avoid missing an opportunity to secure a job for such a reason it is advisable to have a profile picture. Learn about Online Profile Pros here!

Some of the employers use the profile photo to tell more information about you such as gender. Some of the job opportunities available are usually gender specific and therefore the employer can use the photos to identify the required gender first.  Your profile picture should match the ones that you are having on other social media platforms.  You will also avoid the embarrassment of attending an interview meant for gender that does not match yours. You may also read further at

The research has also shown that most of the profile that get visitors usually have a profile picture. Therefore, to be one of the profiles that are most viewed you should have a profile picture. The higher the number of visitors to your profile the higher you are chances of getting hired.  To be able to enjoy the above-discussed benefits, your photo must be professional. Know about online dating here!


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